Similar Recommendations

Maximize conversions by recommending visually similar products.

Our Visual AI technology can analyze fashion items in images, and find the most similar products from your e-commerce catalog to recommend them to your online store visitors. Never miss a sale because of an out-of-stock item, and impress your customers by pointing out relevant alternatives based on what they are looking at. 


Visual Search

Simplify your customer journey with one-click visual discovery.

Visual search allows users to quickly get recommendations on what to buy, by simply uploading a picture of what they like in an image. This can be an image from a social media post, or by simply taking a photo of something they see and like.


Automatic Tagging

Eliminate manual tagging and make your catalog management processes more efficient with Visual AI in fashion.

Our AI and Deep Learning technology have learned to identify product features in fashion images and generate rich tags. Get attribute tags automatically, that will add deep, specific insights about your products, and improve product discovery on your online e-commerce store.