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About SSSMarket


SSSMarket is a C2C e-commerce platform for second-hand fashion. The platform helps users balance their wardrobe, creating a sustainable fashion market with diverse designs and reasonable prices. At the same time, creating a community of buying - selling - loving fashion with environmental awareness. To do that, SSSMarket applies advanced technology to help users reach the right set of potential customers as well. Like finding the product you like quickly.

Clothes on a Rack

Enjoy the joy of dressing up as one authentic art.

- John Charles Galliano.

Our mission

The feeling of buying a satisfactory item and wearing beautiful clothes is an experience that is hard to resist.

HOWEVER that happiness makes us forget one important thing:

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world.


Every year, apparel consumes 1.5-2.5 trillion tons of water. 85% of the plastic waste floating in the ocean comes from this industry. About 70 million trees are cut down to make the land for cotton or viscose production every year. The important thing is that 85% of the beautiful costumes created will be thrown away, becoming waste with a huge value: $ 400 billion.

SSSMarket launches a second-hand fashion sharing app. This is a platform to help people balance their wardrobes and bring a new breath of life to other people's collections. Just like that, the clothes will live more than one life, the burden of fashion on the environment is also somewhat reduced.

Fashion Design Models
Coat Rack

Vission of SSSMarket

Having realized the importance of a green ecosystem, many domestic and international fashion labels have launched eco-friendly collections in turn.


It can be seen that sustainable fashion is gradually being considered as the trend of the new era. According to ThredUp, sustainable fashion distributors will own nearly a third of the industry market by 2027. The source also mentions that the growth of the green trend will start with the late-Millennials generation. and thrive in gen Z. This is a class of young people who prefer to assert themselves through social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok... This generation is also oriented and indoctrinated with contemporary ideas. The sustainable site, environmental protection, climate change is extremely strong.

Along with that is the development and explosion of technology. The trend of online shopping will be increasingly popular, driving the rapid growth in the level of consumer participation in e-commerce services.



In addition, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has also significantly boosted consumers' online shopping habits. More and more people buy second-hand products to save costs, causing the re-sale market to grow and e-commerce platforms selling second-hand goods will act as "time machines" that brings life to life. second for the costumes that have passed the user's hands.

Grasping that trend, SSSMarket was born, meeting the criteria of the new era: cheaper, greener, applying more modern technology.

Our partner

SSSMarket cooperates with many shipping and payment services to make trading easier and more convenient for users on the application.


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181 Cao Thang Street,
Ward 12, District 10,
Ho Chi Minh City,
Viet Nam

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Meet the team

If you have other questions that need to be answered, please contact: support@sssmarket.com

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